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Downtown Ventura:

Ventura’s compact, walk-able Downtown offers easy access to countless places to eat that will satisfy any craving, an outstanding mix of locally owned boutiques and specialty shops, and clean, green spaces for entertainment and play, not to mention the best people watching in the state! Here in Downtown, we check stress and pretense at the door. Be yourself. Come experience our artistic culture, enduring history, the best food, and find out why our privileged beach-side locale is crazy-inviting and refreshingly human. Come here. Stay here. Love it here. Get into Ventura. Click here now and support the historical Downtown Businesses affected by the recent fires.


Santa Barbara/Montecito:

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Historic State Street Plaza in Downtown Santa Barbara is one of America’s most pedestrian-friendly downtowns, in large part due to the amazing diversity of shopping choices. Our shop-lined streets are a favorite with visitors and locals alike. From Santa Barbara-style specialty shops to national brands, and from regional gallery favorites to indie boutiques, Downtown Santa Barbara offers an authentic shopping experience, whether you are seriously shopping, strolling, or just taking in the scene. Click here now and find out how you can help support the illustrious Downtown Santa Barbara Businesses after the recent fires and mudslides.


Ojai:Related image

About 12 miles inland from the beach, Ojai is the smallest city in Ventura County. Ojai is an active and involved community with a thriving arts scene, multiple non-profit organizations, and a focus on small business. Click here now to help support the beautiful little city of Ojai.



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Fillmore has a classic “turn of the 20th century” downtown architecture, the one-screen Fillmore Towne Theatre, and many unique shops and businesses, including a local winery. Adjacent to the railroad tracks and a much-photographed city hall is the Railroad Visitor Center operated by the Santa Clara River Valley Railroad Historical Society, which has many displays as well as a fully operational 90-foot (27 m) train turntable and several restored railroad cars. This destination is not just a popular destination for the Hollywood filmmakers but for travelers alike. Click here now to help support the Hollywood town of Fillmore.

Santa Paula:

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With an exceptional combination of climate, location, and charm, Santa Paula is a favorite destination for visitors all year! Rich in history and culture, there are perennial attractions and annual events for every interest and all ages. Pleasant sunny days are the rule year-round, moderated by nearby coastal waters but without the fog common at the beach. The community is conveniently located in southern California along the 126 Freeway, less than an hour from Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Santa Clarita. With a population of nearly 30,000, Santa Paula is a thriving mix of tourism, agriculture, and Main Street business, with plenty of warmth and welcome for visitors! Click here now to find out more about Santa Paula and to help support the enriched community today!


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